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It’s like a care package for parents and their families

Give parents the care they need to soothe eczema, relieve teething pain, and help heal their little one’s cuts and scrapes in style.

smart check otoscope

An innovation in pediatric ear care

SmartCheck® Digital Ear Scope from Children’s TYLENOL®

turns almost any smartphone into an otoscope

SmartCheck® provides a convenient way for caregivers to record their child’s eardrums and send high-quality video or images to their pediatric healthcare professional when remote triage is needed.

We recognize that as a healthcare professional you may be the first to encounter concerned caregivers who are having difficulty locating their usual pediatric analgesic and antipyretic medicines. For this reason, we have modified HCP Dosing Charts for TYLENOL® (acetaminophen) and MOTRIN® (ibuprofen) to help healthcare providers more quickly identify additional medicines within our broader product portfolio which may be appropriate to recommend based on the child’s age and weight. These charts also highlight different forms, dosing devices and direction on the caregiver facing OTC label such as when to contact a healthcare professional for dosing.

dosing chart image