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A Strong Start

Your new parent support starter kit! Get free samples and helpful resources to help patients protect and nourish baby’s delicate skin, soothe aches, dose confidently, and more.

An innovation in pediatric ear care

Provide your patients with a $20 off coupon for SmartCheck® Digital Ear Scope!

SmartCheck® provides a convenient way for caregivers to record their child’s eardrums and send high-quality video or images to their pediatric healthcare professional when remote triage is needed.

NEW Exclusive Offer on SmartCheck® Digital Ear Scope

As a healthcare provider, you can now buy SmartCheck® for your practice and patients at a discounted price of $52.51 (retail price $79.99) on Help enhance patient experience by enabling remote, digital triage with SmartCheck®.

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Limit of 25 SmartCheck® devices per account.