Digital Ear Scope

New ear care product for parents
that turns almost any smartphone
into an otoscope

Designed for use with children 6 months* and
older, SmartCheck™ provides a convenient
way for pediatric healthcare professionals to
triage remotely.

An innovation in pediatric ear care. Watch demonstration.

Now available for purchase online
and in select US cities.

Guided by a safety checklist and audio-visual
instructions in the SmartCheck™ app,
caregivers can record their child’s eardrums.

Caregivers can send their pediatric healthcare
professional high-quality video or images, or may
even upload them to a practice portal.

Pediatric healthcare professionals can connect
to patients and their caregivers through remote
triage or home follow-up.

  • Uses magnification and lighting to
    provide a clear recording
  • Same brand of specula tips used in
    most doctors’ offices

Support for Caregivers

Ear infections

Signs of ear infections, how
to help a child feel better, &
tips for healthy ears.


All about ear pain

Simple ear anatomy
illustration, common causes
of ear pain, & how to soothe it.


Earwax is normal

The purpose of earwax,
symptoms of blockage, &
problems from cotton swabs.


Support for Practices

SmartCheck™ info sheet

Details on the benefits & features of
SmartCheck™ digital otoscope.


Billing Code Information

Organizations such as the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) offer information about billing codes that may be used for virtual check-ins, e-visits, and remote evaluation when a video or image is sent to a physician.

Find out more at the AAFP website.

Linking to this AAFP site does not constitute an endorsement of all content on the AAFP site, nor does it constitute an endorsement by the AAFP of content on this SmartCheck™ professional site.

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*Caregivers are instructed to ask their doctor before use if their child is age 6 to 12 months.