New & improved formulas that beat the top safety standards in the world1


When you choose our gentle products, you’re also choosing a gentler world.

JOHNSON’S® formulas are even gentler for baby & parent. Less than 2%* of global cosmetic ingredients meet our standards for baby products, and each has its own special purpose. Products are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, soaps, & dyes, and are made with carefully composed & evaluated fragrances that are free of known & potential allergens.1,2

Our cleansers pass the rigorous NO MORE TEARS® clinical tests, proving them to be as mild & gentle to the eyes as pure water in case of accidental splashes.2

We’re also gentler on the world. We use responsibly sourced & biodegradable ingredients—while reducing use of plastic, greenhouse gas emissions, & energy. JOHNSON’S® does not test cosmetic products or ingredients on animals.3,4‡

So when it comes to making gentle choices, start from the first days. After all, gentle choices now can mean healthier tomorrows.

100% gentle—just like babies2

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