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Brands you and your patients can trust

Our Kenvue Family of Consumer Companies offers a suite of products to help support the needs of children. From diaper rash and eczema to sneezes and fever, make Kenvue Family of Consumer Companies Pediatric products part of your patients’ journey.

Pain and Fever

Symptom relief that comes in a range of forms & flavors

Pediatric TYLENOL® & MOTRIN® provide many choices to meet your patients’ needs.

Children's Zyrtec and Childrens Rhinocort


For children’s allergies

Help kids get back to being kids again with proven allergy relief

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Digestive Health

Effective, safe digestive health solutions for kids of all ages

From infants to toddlers to ‘tweens, Mylicon® provides relief you can trust.

Skin Care

Essentials to help soothe and care for babies’ delicate skin

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Health and Wellness

For parents seeking simple, familiar ingredients

Safe, effective wellness products
for the whole family