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Pain and fever relief in many forms and flavors

Parents treating a child’s pain or fever appreciate having options. Recommend relief that comes in a variety of convenient forms—including liquid, chewables, and dissolve packs—and kid-friendly flavors such as grape, bubblegum, wild berry, and more. No wonder TYLENOL® is the brand of acetaminophen that pediatricians use most for their own children.1*

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The #1 pediatrician-recommended brand of pain reliever/fever reducer1


Dosage for infants and children

Guide proper dosage for TYLENOL® pediatric products with pediatric dosage charts.

Remind parents and caregivers to always read and follow the product label—all infants TYLENOL® and Children’s TYLENOL® products have the same strength of acetaminophen: 160 mg (in each 5 mL or tablet) & come in kid-friendly flavors to help medicine go down easily.

Want to download these charts for your practice?

Want to download these charts for your practice?

For every stage, every ailment, & every age

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A solid recommendation for relief
Children’s TYLENOL® Chewables: for kids ages 2 to 11

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Help parents stay cool when their child feels warm
Professional dosage available for infants under 6 months

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For pediatric cold and flu—parents rely on you
Appropriate to consider when dehydration is a concern2

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Parents are listening when it comes to baby’s ear pain
A brand name parents can rely on

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Parents appreciate options

MOTRIN® comes in a range of convenient forms and kid-friendly flavors

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